Report: Lamar Odom Had a $800 a Day Drug Habit

Lamar Odom stops at Blockbuster to pick up DVDs before heading back home in his limo

Lamar Odom has made over $115 million in his NBA career, so $800 a day on crack and other drugs would be like me having a $80 a day Starbucks habit.

With that being said, if this report is true by TMZ, maybe Lamar should reconsider going to rehab.

Lamar Odom fell deep into the world of hardcore drugs during a wild summer in Hollywood … where he spent as much as $1,000 in a single day to fuel his growing addiction to crack — according to sources familiar with the situation.  

We’re told the hotel room was used like a flop house … where Lamar was surrounded by his pal and 7 or 8 other drug abusers — strangers — who came in and out of the room throughout the day and night … for several months straight. According to sources, Odom was dropping — on average — $800 per day, but sometimes more, for multiple drugs, including crack.

According to TMZ, Lamar and sometimes strangers would all use drugs, so it wasn’t just Lamar.

Everyone seems to want to talk about Lamar Odom, so it is hard to say how legit all these sources are.  But, where there is smoke, there is normally fire, so I wouldn’t just dismissed all the accusations.