Report: Suns Officially Release Michael Beasley

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According to a report by ESPN’s Mark Stein, the Phoenix Suns will release Michael Beasley this week:

Just this morning,  the Suns General Manager hinted the end may be near:

In a recent interview, general manager Ryan McDonough said he expected a “resolution” vis-à-vis Beasley over “the next week or so.”

Although his in-game results did little to impress the new bosses, Beasley’s actions away from the arena have, according to multiple reports, virtually guaranteed his departure. Since January, Beasley has piled up three brushes with local law enforcement: one incident of speeding, investigation of an alleged sexual assault and suspicion of marijuana possession.

The team is in full rebuilding mode and it doesn’t take a genius to know that they weren’t too pleased with his most recent week arrest either. Add in that he scored a career low 10.1 points last year and you have a recipe for parting ways.