Rex Ryan Says Buccaneers’ Opponents Will Learn Rules Of “Revis Island”


Rex Ryan may not be coaching Darrelle Revis anymore, but he still knows a thing or two about what you can and can not do against Revis.

Ryan told the Tampa Bay Tribune there are certain rules you don’t break when facing cornerback Darrelle Revis.

For example, don’t try throwing to a target outside of the numbers from the far hash mark.

“He’ll pick it,’’ said Jets coach Rex Ryan, whose four-year tenure as Revis’ coach came to an end in April, when the Bucs traded a pair of early round draft picks for him.

“We had some Revis rules that you don’t break; that was one of them,’’ Ryan added. “There are several others, and Tampa will learn them and their opponents will learn about them.’’

Revis, of course is coming off a season-ending left ACL tear sustained in a Week 2 game against Miami last year.  Ryan said it was a joy to coach the four-time Pro Bowler, but now must worry about how his rookie quarterback  will try to attack Revis.

It should be about how you attack him, but it’s probably more about how you defend against him,’’ Ryan said during a Wednesday morning conference call with Tampa media. “You certainly have to look at him differently than you do any other corner.

“He’s rare. He’s the kind of guy that only comes around once every 15, 20 years, if that. He really is a special player. He was the premier corner in football, and a physical player who shows up every day to compete.”