Steelers OC Todd Haley’s Wife Allegedly Sent Nudes To Another Man (Photos)


Todd Haley Chrissy Haley

Ms. Haley…Ms. Haley.

The Steelers have yet to win a game on the field and offensive coordinator Todd Haley may be losing off of it as well.

Allegedly, pictures of Haley’s wife Chrissy have been leaked and she reportedly wasn’t sending them to Todd.

H/T: The Dirty

The head was smartly cut off in the shot, so there’s no way to confirm that Chrissy is showing off the goods. But I bet Todd can tell.

You can click below the photos

Chrissy Haley Nude #1

Chrissy Haley Nude #2

Chrissy Haley Nude #3

Chrissy Haley Nude #4


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