Suh’s Agent Says Everyone Is Making Him Out To Be A Villain


Sometimes a player’s agent should know his role, negotiate his contract, and give out good advice.

The agent for Lions defensive tackleNdamukong Suh says he does not appreciate the way his client is constantly portrayed in the media as some bad guy.

Suh’s agent, Roosevelt Barnes, told the Associated Press that “Suh was just doing his job when he blocked John Sullivan low on an interception return.”

Barnes also said that “if Sullivan couldn’t take a hit, then Sullivan shouldn’t have been running down the field after Levy during an interception return.”

“Everyone is talking about how Ndamukong shouldn’t have blocked the 300-pound lineman because there was no way he was going to catch a linebacker,” Barnes said. “If that’s the case, the lineman should’ve known he wasn’t going to catch the linebacker. But the lineman did attempt to catch the linebacker and Ndamukong attempted to block him. But everyone wants to make Ndamukong out to be a villain.”

Rooosevelt Barnes, sir Suh is not consired a bad guy because he blew John Sullivan up on a block.   Suh is considered dirty becasue he hit John Sullivan in the knee during an interception return.

One thought on “Suh’s Agent Says Everyone Is Making Him Out To Be A Villain

  • Suh is not a villain. Suh is an old fashion throw back football player playing in an modern NFL that will not allow players to intentionally inure players. Suh is playing the game the way it should be played and the league is punishing him for it.

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