3 People Shot While Waiting in Line to Buy NIKE Air Jordan V Bel-Air

NIKE Air Jordan V Bel-Air

Once again, this seems to happen far too often, you shouldn’t have to fear for your life just to buy some sneakers.

Reports are coming in about a shooting outside a Wilmington, Delaware shoe store, where people were lined up early Saturday (Oct. 5) morning to cop a pair of the latest Jordans.

The shooting occurred at around 5:30AM outside the Sneaker VILLA. A dozen people were camped out waiting to buy a pair of the junior NIKE Air Jordan V Bel-Air at the time of the shooting. The shoe is inspired by the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and retails for $185, while the junior version costs $125. Two men — aged ages 21 and 22 — were shot and taken to a nearby hospital, where they remain in critical condition. The young men were approached by another male, who pulled out a gun and shot both in the upper body. Another pedestrian, a 22-year-old woman, was hit by a stray bullet. The woman was taken to the hospital, treated and released.

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  • Some where in Beaverton Oregon, Phil Knight could care less because he is busy counting his billions.

  • Fact: In 1984 3rd rate shoe company Nike signed Michael Jordan for 2.5 million dollars.

    Fact: In 2013 The Nike Corporation is worth $67 billion dollars

    Fact: Phil Knight’s net worth is $14 billion dollars.

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