49ers Donte Whitner Selling T-Shirts Online To Pay For Fine

Donte Whitner Fine

Donte Whitner is no stranger to giving big hits and the flags that come along with them. The safety has had no problem voicing his displeasure with new NFL rules and has said that any big hit (even if it’s technically legal) will automatically get a flag.

Whitner was fined $21,000 by the NFL for his hit on Rams’ receiver Chris Givens and has decided to pay for the fine by selling #LegalHitner t-shirts.

Donte Whitner #LegalHitner Shirts

Whitner also said that he is considering legally changing his name to Hitner.


The blow to Givens appeared to be legal, but the NFL makes and enforces the rules and in their eyes it warranted a fine.

I understand the point Whitner is making here. It’s not about the money but the principle. Unfortunately for him, as safety is a key focus for the league, things won’t be changing anytime soon and if he doesn’t neither will the flags and fines.