Ex-NFL Hamza Abdullah Goes On Twitter Rant, Compares League To Slavery

Hamza Abdullah

Today former NFL safety Hamza Abdullah went on an extensive twitter rant, in which he questioned the league’s concern for its players, expressed disgust in their denial of benefits for ex-players, and even compared it the NFL to slavery.

H/T: USA Today

Hamza Abdullah Twitter Rant

Hamza Abdullah Twitter Rant 2

Hamza Abdullah Twitter Rant 3

Hamza Abdullah Twitter Rant 4

Hopefully these very legitimate concerns aren’t lost among this sea of tweets.  Unfortunately, more players than you’d think would say Abdullah’s comparison isn’t far from the truth.  $40 Million Dollar Slaves…

2 thoughts on “Ex-NFL Hamza Abdullah Goes On Twitter Rant, Compares League To Slavery

  • The last U.S. history book I read, slaves didn’t make millions of dollars a year. Slaves were not flying on chartered planes and staying at 5 star hotels. Is the NFL greedy? Yes! Is the NFL only concerned with the interest of the owners? Yes! To compare the NFL to slavery is absoulutely ridiculous!

  • If Hamza Abdullah wants to know what it’s like to work as a slave, travel to Western China. There, he can work for 15 hours a day in one of Phil Knight’s sweatshop factories. Millions of men including myself would do anything to play in the NFL. Some of these athletes need to think before they speak!

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