Fox Sports Makes Racist Typo In Reference To Black NHL Player Seth Jones


Seth Jones


Accidents happen.

Typos are apart of the business, no one is above or impervious to them. It just so happens that some typos are more disastrous than others.

Fox Sports had a headline about Seth Jones’ heroics in a game which had a cringe worthy typo.

fox typo


One would suspect the writer meant to type ‘biggest’. Granted the ‘b’ and ‘n’ keys are in fact adjacent to each other, it still offers little relief to the humiliation the writer and no doubt, editor must feel.

Should we laugh it off or should we be at least a little angry at the editor for not catching such a huge typo? Before we jump to conclusions I think the logical thing is to give the benefit of the doubt and accept that mistakes happen–this one is just more ehh…nauseating.

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports


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