Gary Kubiak Isn’t Scared to Bench Matt Schaub


Earlier reports from Houston were that Texans Coach Gary Kubiak was sticking with QB Matt Schaub, but things are definitely not rosy for Schaub. According to NBC Sports, Kubiak may be tethering on the decision of whether or not Schaub should lose his starting QB position for the team. Kubiak seems to be open to helping Schaub out for a little while. He did say that he was willing to assist Schaub out with whatever seems to be causing the QB to make decisions that have led to four interceptions returned for touchdowns in four games this season.

However, Kubiak definitely hasn’t gone all in for Schaub. He’s been using phrases like “see where we’re at” and “evaluation process,” so there are no definite answers for Schaub in Houston. Kubiak did also say this:

“I can promise you there’s accountability. If I think on our football team something needs to be done, then I’ll do it.”

When coaches say nebulous things like this, it’s a sure sign that a change is coming soon.