Grambling Forced to Pay $20k Fine for Forfeited Game

Grambling Football Protest

Per the SWAC guidelines, Grambling will be forced to pay a $20,000 fine for forfeiting the game against Jackson State.

After just 22 players showed up to the team bus, Grambling says they had no choice but to forfeit. Expect the school to fight this since they are already strapped for money.

2 thoughts on “Grambling Forced to Pay $20k Fine for Forfeited Game

  • The same major universities that would not allow black athletes to enroll fifty years ago, realized they could make hundreds of millions of dollars awarding scholarships to black athletes. In addition, these schools built palaces and monument like football stadiums and buildings to lure the best black athletes to come to their schools. The HBCU’s can not compete with universities that have a $100 million dollar a year budget.

  • I wrote the last statement because I’m scared that this Grambling State University incident may be the beginning of the end of HBCU athletics. It’s similar to how Negro League basdeball ended when MLB began to allow black players to join the majors. Why would a four or five star student athlete attend Grambling State when they could go to LSU.

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