Jeremy Lin Doesn’t Mind Coming Off the Bench

Jeremy Lin is looking forward to playing with Dwight Howard.

On Tuesday the news leaked that Jeremy Lin would not be the starting PG for the Houston Rockets. Instead, Patrick Beverley would be given the job, reported by CBS Sports.

Jeremy, commenting on losing the starting position said:

“Obviously, I would love to start,” Lin said. “I think every player would love to start but I think given our current situation, being able to being an offensive spark off the bench, being able to be a primary ball handler in that second group are big things too. Coach and I and Pat have all talked. At the end of the day, we are all trying to do what’s right for the team. Egos aside, we are just trying to go out there and play. Who starts isn’t important.”

Lin does not strike me as the type of player that focuses on whether or not he starts or not. With an $8 million contract, the Harvard graduate just seems happy to be there and willing to do whatever he is asked to help his team win. Even if that means coming off the bench.

Patrick Beverley also commented on his new role as starting PG.

“I accept my role,” he said. “We have three proven starting point guards. All three have started here (Beverley, Lin and Aaron Brooks). Me and Jeremy know each other well. We play together well too. He is a phenomenal playmaker. I try to pick his brain as much as I can. He is one of my best friends. It makes our team that much better. It’s a great thing – it can go anyway. We are just teammates and we are playing well together.”

Bringing Lin off the bench might be a smart move for Houston. The energy he would bring to the game would give the Rockets a nice spark.