KG & Paul Pierce Unintentionally Used in Erectile Dysfunction AD (Photo)


Pierce and Garnett

The good news is that the person in the AD “use to have” Erectile Dysfunction, but he is ok now because of Men’s Medical Clinic in New York.  Now, he is forever grateful for having his sex life back.

I use to sell advertising for a Newspaper after I got out of college and they know what they are doing. I said unintentional in the title, but I get the feeling it was very intentional.

If I was the New York Daily News, I would charge the Men’s Medical Clinic triple next week. considering all the free advertising they are getting right now.

H/T Deadspin


  1. Yes that’s pretty funny – and smart of whoever is doing the layout for the New York Daily News. Do KG and Paul Pierce have any comments?

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