Kim Kardashian Posts a Booty Pic & The Internet Goes Nuts (Photos)


I am not exactly sure why people are going crazy like we didn’t know she had a booty and is attractive.

Maybe it was because she had the baby and was a little plump for a minute which was to be expected, but it isn’t like we haven’t seen here naked before (if you haven’t check these out).

But, for my bros.

Kim Kardashian Ass


  1. And I thought you said you didn’t like bottom heavy women, isn’t that what you said under the K.Michelle post? I guess you make acceptions for some types huh?

    • u got me mixed up with someone else. aint nothing like a big ole rump. don’t make no difference what color it is.

      • No I was talking about Robert Littal the owner of the site lol. Under the K.Michelle post he said he didn’t like bottom heavy women and how they aren’t his thing of the pictures of K.Michelle and Lance Stephenson on vacation, but Kim K is on heavy rotation on this site. Not you lol.

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