NFL Execs Don’t Care About Jadeveon Clowney’s Drama


The college football world and fans in Columbia, South Carolina might be concerned about Jadeveon Clowney, but NFL executives and those who make the big decisions are not.

After sitting out the Gamecocks game on Saturday because of a rib injury, Clowney found himself being ripped by his own coach, pundits, and critics who feel he’s tanking on his team, and only focused on his professional career.

Things may be heating up on campus, but for NFL executives who are extremely high on Clowney, things are business as usual in evaluating him.

According to USA Today, Clowney is still a sure thing.

“Nah, no one will care,” an executive in personnel for an NFL team told USA TODAY Sports on Sunday. “If he’s healthy, works out well and most importantly interviews well, it won’t hurt him.”

A second NFL executive echoed: “No one cares. He’s injured.”

I find it hilarious that those same people who bashed Clowney for returning to school and not sitting out are now questioning his character and toughness.

Clowney watched Marcus Lattimore tear his knee up twice.   Clowney has seen guys fall in the draft because of injury.

What’s the difference between Clowney deciding pregame that he couldn’t play, and Calvin Johnson doing the same on Sunday for the Lions?

Absolutely nothing.  Calvin Johnson couldn’t play because of a knee and he made his own choice.  Clowney doesn’t get paid, but I applaud him for making a choice.

The only folks who seem to be upset by him sitting out a meaningless game against Kentucky are the only ones who profit off of his playing.