NFL Won’t Allow Broncos to Individually Introduce Peyton Manning Before Sunday’s Game


There has been no word on what the Colts organization has planned to honor their former QB Peyton Manning on Sunday before the matchup with the Broncos, but none of that matters anyway. According to NBC Sports the NFL no longer allows visiting teams to introduce any players individually. The visiting team simply must be introduced as a group.

There has already been some tension coming from Colts owner Jim Irsay, but now at least this could be his excuse to not do anything to honor Peyton Manning if he so chose. There has been some speculation that maybe a standing ovation will happen for Manning at some point during the game, however. I can’t imagine that the crowd will erupt with a roar once Manning throws one of his usual flawless touchdown passes. Either way Manning fans should know that the lack of Manning honor at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday won’t be the fault of Jim Irsay. Blame the NFL this time.