Parent Files Bullying Report After HS Football Team Gets Beat 91-0

Aldeo High School Football

With a record of 7-0, the Aledo High School football team is the #1 ranked class 4A program in the state and have outscored their opponents by whopping 77 points per game.

Despite pulling their starters after 21 snaps, implementing a running clock in the 3rd quarter, and not throwing the ball more 10 times during the game, the Aledo Bearcats defeated visiting Fort Worth Western Hill 91-0.

A Western Hill parent upset at the lopsided win has filed a bullying report against the coach with the school.

Under state law, school districts must provide a bullying complaint report form on their websites. Aledo High School’s principal is required to investigate the allegations to determine whether bullying occurred and prepare a written report on the matter.

Aledo head football coach Tim Buchanan says he himself was unhappy with the rout.

“I’m upset about it,” Buchanan said. “I don’t like it. I sit there the whole third and fourth quarter and try to think how I can keep us from scoring.”

“I have to address it,” Aledo head coach Tim Buchanan told the paper. “It’s not something you can laugh off or anything like that. What they said was that I should’ve told my players to ease up and not play so hard.”

This parent should have a bullying report filed against him/her for embarrassing their child with this mess. Clearly the Fort Worth Western Hills football team is less than stellar. (I could use another adjective, but I may get called a bully) I don’t know what else the head coach could’ve done other than taking a knee the entire 2nd half. Sometimes I think this bullying trip that everyone seems to be on is making some kids soft, and asinine reports like this don’t help those with valid cases have their concerns taken seriously.

H/T: Fox Sports Southwest