Pete Carroll Says NCAA to Blame for Lane Kiffin’s Struggles at USC


Pete Carroll questions September 11th attacks


When Pete Carroll left his head coaching job at USC to coach the Seattle Seahawks, he left the Trojans with incoming sanctions, due to NCAA violations that occurred on his watch.  Now, Carroll is coming to the defense of his successor, recently fired USC head coach, Lane Kiffin.

“This whole NCAA thing I just think was so terribly out of balance,” Carroll said on the Rich Eisen Podcast. “They had to try to survive all of that, it’s awful that it was like that. But it didn’t end well and it’s unfortunate for Kiff. You know, he’s a tremendous worker and all, it just didn’t work out.”

There’s definitely no love lost between Carroll and the NCAA.



  1. No, it’s Caroll’s fault! Pete brought the trust fund kid in because he is best friends with Monte Kiffin. Don’t forget, Lane was the offensive coordinator when USC lost to Texas. That was the game that made the average quarterback Vince Young a superstar!

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