Phil Jackson Says Lamar Odom May Have Burned His Lakers Bridge (Video)


Lamar Odom has made it very clear that he wants to return to the NBA and specifically the Lakers. However, this may not ever happen. Former Lakers Coach Phil Jackson addressed the subject of Odom coming back to the Lakers with TMZ, and it’s definitely not Odom would’ve wanted to hear. Phil Jackson was very straightforward and he said:

“I think that bridge might have been burned.”

One of the things that Jackson pointed out was Odom’s connection to the Kardashian family. He said that initially he felt that family connection was a good thing for Odom, but that it clearly was more of a distraction. Jackson never came right out to say anything negative about the Kardashians, but it is apparent that he may feel that Odom may have been better off without them.

One thought on “Phil Jackson Says Lamar Odom May Have Burned His Lakers Bridge (Video)

  • Look at the problems Lamar Odom is dealing with. This should be a warning to all black athletes not to screw around with the KKK’s! Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries were smart enough to get out when they did. I pray that Lamar Odom can get his life together and get away from those hollywood hookers.

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