Texas Cop Steal Jordans During Police Raid (Video)

texas cop

What is the world coming to these days? It looks like during a police raid in Texas, Jordans were stolen. According to WSHH via Channel 5 news in Texas:

“A veteran police sergeant in North Texas was arrested Tuesday and accused of stealing fancy new tennis shoes during a drug raid. Sgt. Antoine Williams, 37, a supervisor in the Fort Worth Police Department’s narcotics unit, took the sneakers during a search of a suspected drug house in East Fort Worth on Oct. 16, according to court documents. Two officers involved in the raid reported what had happened, and the department’s Special Investigations Section searched Williams’ Arlington home on the following day, the documents said. Inside, investigators seized four pairs of shoes, including Air Jordans similar to the shoes missing in the drug raid.”

I can just picture this cop at the club the next night rocking some fresh Js then just throwing his hands up in the air like “you got me but I was going to return them.” Check out the video below too.