The Andrew Luck – Peyton Manning Situation Was a Win-Win For Everyone

Andrew Luck Colts

This is Skip Bayless’ fault, so I hesitate to even speak on it because it is giving him the attention he wants, but for those of us who like to use common sense it is important people realize what is going on.

It is a trolling tweet, but it forced Jim Irsay to defend his decision to draft Andrew Luck, but it doesn’t need to be defended.  Fans and media have such short memories that they forget the situation the Colts were in.

Manning was coming off four neck surgeries, a full year off and there was some concerns he might never play again or at a high level. Andrew Luck was a consensus #1 draft pick (a few people preferred RG3, but the majority were for Luck, including myself).  You don’t often have the opportunity to draft Franchise quarterbacks, so the Colts made a decision for the future.

The Broncos took a calculated risk in signing Manning and that worked out as well.  I would say Luck getting the Colts to the playoffs last year was more surprising that Manning getting the Broncos there.

Everything doesn’t have to be skiptized, sometimes deals work out well for both parties and this is one of those occasions.  The Broncos are the Super Bowl favorites (we will see how Manning does in playoffs) and Luck will be the Colts quarterback for many years to come. Hindsight is always 20/20, but even knowing what Manning is doing now, I don’t think the Colts would do anything differently.

No defending needed.