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The NBA’s Annual GM Survey Is Out, And LeBron Is Still The King

by Glenn Erby | Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013
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Every year quietly sends out a survey to all 30 GM’s in the NBA asking them the important questions sports fans want to know.

Those 30 GM’s responded to 56 different questions about the best teams, players, coaches, fans, and offseason moves around the league.

They were not permitted to vote for their own team or personnel. Percentages were rounded up and based on the pool of respondents to each question of the survey, rather than all 30 GMs.

Here are some of those more important predictions and votes with my opinion in red:

2014 NBA Champions?

1. Miami — 75.9%

2. Indiana and San Antonio — 6.9%

Also receiving votes: Chicago, L.A. Clippers, Oklahoma City

Glenn: Chicago

Eastern Conference Champions?

1. Miami — 86.2%

2. Indiana — 10.3%

3. Chicago — 3.4%

Glenn: Chicago

Western Conference Champions?

1. San Antonio — 40.0%

2. Oklahoma City — 36.7%

3. L.A. Clippers — 20.0%

4. Houston — 3.3%

Glenn: Clippers

2013-14 NBA MVP?

1. LeBron James, Miami — 69.0%

2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 24.1%

Also receiving votes: Carmelo Anthony, New York; Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers

Glenn: Chris Paul

Who Would NBA GM’s Start Franchise With?

1. LeBron James, Miami — 89.7%

2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 6.9%

3. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland — 3.4%

Glenn: LeBron James

Which Player Forces The Most Adjustments?

1. LeBron James, Miami — 66.7%

2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 13.3%

3. Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers — 10.0%

Also receiving votes: Stephen Curry, Golden State; Tony Parker, San Antonio; Derrick Rose, Chicago

Glenn: LeBron James

Breakout Player 2013-14?

1. Anthony Davis, New Orleans — 27.6%

2. Andre Drummond , Detroit — 10.3%

3. Derrick Favors, Utah; Paul George, Indiana; Reggie Jackson, Oklahoma City — 6.9%

Glenn: Anthony Davis

Best Point Guard In NBA?

1. Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers — 70.0%

2. Derrick Rose, Chicago — 20.0%

3. Tony Parker, San Antonio — 10.0%

Last year: Chris Paul — 69.0%

Glenn: Derrick Rose

Best Shooting Guard In NBA?

1. James Harden, Houston — 56.7%

2. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers — 20.0%

3. Stephen Curry, Golden State; Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City; Paul George, Indiana — 6.7%

6. Dwyane Wade, Miami — 3.3%

Glenn: Kobe Bryant

Best Small Forward In NBA?

1. LeBron James, Miami — 86.7%

2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 13.3%

Last year: LeBron James — 73.3%

Glenn: Kevin Durant

Best Power Forward In NBA?

1. Tim Duncan, San Antonio — 31.0%

2. Kevin Love, Minnesota — 27.6%

3. LeBron James, Miami — 13.8%

4. LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland; Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers — 6.9%

Glenn: Kevin Love

Best Center In NBA?

1. Dwight Howard, Houston — 65.5%

2. Marc Gasol, Memphis — 20.7%

3. Tim Duncan, San Antonio — 10.3%

4. Roy Hibbert, Indiana — 3.4%

Last year: Dwight Howard — 93.3%

Glenn: Marc Gasol

2013-14 NBA Rookie Of The Year?

1. Victor Oladipo, Orlando — 40.0%

2. Cody Zeller, Charlotte — 13.3%

3. Anthony Bennett, Cleveland; Ben McLemore, Sacramento — 10.0%

5. Kelly Olynyk, Boston — 6.7%

Glenn: Michael Carter-Williams

Best Defensive Player In NBA?

1. Dwight Howard, Houston — 34.5%

2. LeBron James, Miami — 27.6%

3. Tony Allen, Memphis — 13.8%

4. Andre Iguodala, Golden State — 6.9%

Glenn: Kawhi Leonard

Toughest Player In NBA?

1. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers — 31.0%

2. David West, Indiana — 13.8%

3. Nick Collison, Oklahoma City; Kenneth Faried, Denver; Kevin Garnett, Brooklyn — 6.9%

Also receiving votes: Tony Allen, Memphis; Matt Barnes, L.A. Clippers; Reggie Evans, Brooklyn; Udonis Haslem, Miami; LeBron James, Miami; Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio; Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers; Nikola Pekovic, Minnesota; Zach Randolph, Memphis; Metta World Peace, New York

Last year: Kobe Bryant — 26.7%

Glenn; Kobe Bryant

Player You Want Taking Shot With Game On The Line?

1. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 39.3%

2. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers — 32.1%

3. Carmelo Anthony, New York; LeBron James, Miami — 7.1%

Also receiving votes: Ray Allen, Miami; Manu Ginobili, San Antonio; Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas; Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers

Last year: Kevin Durant — 46.7%

Glenn: Kobe Bryant


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  1. DitkaDrivingSchool says:

    How do you honestly think Bulls are going to win the East let alone the NBA title? Seriously, I would really like to hear a case for them because I do not see them getting past the Pacers. Paul George has shut down Derrick in the past what makes you think this year is different. I just don’t see the Bulls staying healthy to get there either.
    How is LeBron not the best defender in the league he can guard every position on the floor? I do not think the same can be said about Leonard or Howard.
    And dude Kevin Love best forward in the league?? Come on

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