Alfred Morris “It Wasn’t The Greatest Week Of Practice”


Alfred Morris, Quierra Luck

Per, Alfred Morris is giving a little insight on why the Redskins played so poorly in their Monday Night Football broadcast. It wasn’t the greatest excuse nor do I think Redskin fans really are that accepting.

“It wasn’t the greatest of weeks,” Morris said. “But you’re gonna have that sometimes. Just because you had a bad week, not that we had a bad week, but sometimes if you have a few bad practices or a few bad [practice] periods doesn’t mean you’re gonna have a bad game.  But like I said, today we just didn’t show up for whatever reason. I don’t know what it was.”

“We came out trying to get something going,” he said. “There was just too many three and outs, three and outs. We just couldn’t get a rhythm. We just couldn’t figure out how to get it going. Before the game, we didn’t come out like, ‘Oh, we’re gonna be flat.’ We came out with expectations to win the game. But we didn’t get it done.”

A reporter asked Morris two important questions, whether the off field conversations were affecting the team and if the team is falling apart.

“I don’t know what’s been written or said,” he said. “I don’t read or watch that stuff. So I couldn’t tell you. But we did feel like we had a great chance to come out here and win. Like I said, we just didn’t show up.”

“It’s just a little adversity, just building our character up,” Morris said. “I don’t feel like our wheels are coming off, to use your analogy. But, I mean, every day we’ve just got to show up and just kind of put this behind us and just continue to just work forward and just take it one game at a time, just watch film on this, see what we can get better at and get ready for next week.”

Im not even an avid Redskin game watcher but they from reading the fans reactions, last nght was one of their worst games. Even ESPN added a few statistics on how poorly RG3 did.

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Personally I felt RG3 should have sat out this season, he’s not mentally prepared to be on the field. I don’t see him happy to be out there nor is he playing to his full potential. If you look at Baylor to now… different person.