Browns Players ‘Lucky to Be Alive’ After ‘Terrifying’ Flight


This weekend saw a huge storm rain down on most of the Midwest that affecting several NFL games.

After a disappointing loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati, Browns players said they had to deal with harrowing 45 minute flight home that some “called terrifying,” and had others saying “they were lucky to be alive.”

“It was terrifying,” Pinkston told “It was the real thing. The weather was so bad. We were coming in to land and (the pilot) had to go kind of fast to balance it out and we came down and we hit on two wheels. The (left) wing was literally three feet from hitting the ground.

“We’re actually pretty lucky to be alive right now, to be honest. We really escaped one. We got away with one last night.”

Some guys on the team tried to play it calm, but for most the experience was terrifying.

“Holy cow — I swear the wing was a couple feet from the ground. At the last second it was dead quiet right before the landing. We’re going to land and it got real quiet and I heard this big gust of wind and it went like that (a tilting motion with his hand) and came back and we recovered. We had a great pilot. A fantastic pilot. Bless his heart for getting here safely.”

“There were a bunch of screams,” said Pinkston. “You could hear everyone screaming on the plane. It was pretty real. I screamed, because I was sitting right over (left) wing. My window was open and I saw the whole thing.”