Cop Told Jameis Winston’s Accuser Her Life Could Be Made Miserable



The victim’s attorney has released a statement and it just raises more questions than answers. So, not to try to push your opinion one way or another, I am just going to post the entire statement courtesy of

Jamies winston

Jameis Winston 2

As I have said from the beginning there seems to be a big piece of the story that is missing and we are still trying to find that piece of the puzzle.

As always I would advise that everyone withholds judgment until we have more information.


  1. If the detective threatened the victim if she proceeded with the charges, then there is no doubt that Tallahassee law enforcement are covering for Jameis Winston. I believe the Justice Department needs to investigate this immediately!

  2. One more thing, L.A.P.D. immediately arrested a UCLA football player for sexual assault. Why didn’t Tallahassee police do the same to Jameis Winston?

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