Former Noles DC Says FSU has Best Team Ever


If there’s one person who knows the Seminoles better than Bobby Bowden, it would be their former defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews. Andrews was with the team from 1984-2010 and still attends some practices and games. CBS Sports is reporting that Andrews thoughts on the current Seminoles team far outweighs what most of the sports world has yet to say.

“As far as talent goes, they might have the best we’ve ever had. As far as depth, too.”

“It looks like to me this is a team that is blessed at Florida State with a lot of what those past teams had — intangibles that go with our physical abilities. If they continue to work hard with it, they’ll have an opportunity to do something that hasn’t happened around here since 1999. They don’t just make plays, they force plays. And they limit mistakes. They don’t beat themselves.”

Since Andrews was present during the ’93 and ’99 title years, it goes without saying that he knows what he’s talking about. Thanks to the Ducks losing to the Cardinals, the Seminoles are on path to their first title game in years. If this is indeed the best Seminoles team ever, then Bama will have some work ahead of them in order to three-peat in the title game.