Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant Can Fix Fumbling With Football Fundamentals

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

Jerry Jones is the owner, general manager, and player personnel guy for the Cowboys, so he should know a little about football fundamentals right?

Bryant had the 11th fumble of his career on Sunday against the Giants, and prompted Jones who was on 105.3 The Fan to offer some football fundamentals to Bryant.

“He’s violent when he’s got the ball,” Jones said. “He’s violent going after the ball. Consequently, he does need to have that ball in closer. He needs to fundamentally have it closer to his body.”

To be fair, Jones knows a heck of a lot about football, and said he’d take the bad plays Bryant makes with all the great ones he makes.

“A lot of this is a natural, physical way he plays football, and you’re not going to coach it out of him,” Jones said.

Bryant doesn’t really have that bad a fumbling problem.  He subsequently fumbles about 2.5 per year since entering the NFL.