Michael Carter-Williams Wants To Prove He Should Have Been No. 1 Pick


Michael Carter-Williams is ‘The One,” the future of the 76ers at point guard, and my pick for rookie of the year.

Carter-Williams of course fell to No. 11 in the draft, and selected by the 76ers with the intent of letting him have the ball from day one.

Carter-Williams averaged 12 points, seven assists, five rebounds and three steals as a sophomore at Syracuse last season and told Yahoo Sports that he hoped he would get consideration for the No. 1 pick.

He slipped to #11, and now “wants to prove that he could have been the first overall pick.”

“Every game I try to prove that I could’ve been the No. 1 pick,” Carter-Williams said. “I have confidence in myself that I should’ve been.”

#1 or #11, this city is glad to have him.