Middle School Football Coach Fired For Planning Team Dinner At Hooters

coach fired hooters dinner


Turns out not everyone is a fan of the wings…

Head football coach at Corbett Middle School in Oregon, Randall Burbach, had the ideal place to take his team for their awards dinner–the nearby Hooters.

Not everyone was a fan of the coach’s choice in dining venues though, including school athletic director, JP Sougnalet, who shot down the proposal.

As reported by Deadspin, the AD stated the following:

“As a school district and athletic department, we do not support nor condone the decision to hold an end of season celebration at Hooter’s for any of our teams.”

Burbach continue to harp on the issue until the point he was fired, and so was part of his staff.

Moral of the story, just pick another restaurant even if it means you won’t get to be surrounded by boobs and shorts.