Petition Launched To Get Terio Back In School As His Dance Takes Over Sports

LeBron Terio D Wade


Let’s just hope the petition to get young man on a diet comes next.

Terio is everywhere these days…but a classroom. A fact many in the social networking world have taken notice of, and have come to lampoon.

With the ‘ooh kill em’ dance taking the NFL by storm, and Terio seen in photos with celebs every other day, one has to wonder when this kid is getting time to focus on his schooling.

So, some ‘concerned’ citizens have taken up the mighty cause of getting Terio back in school by going to and having a petition started which will raise awareness to the plight of chubby dancing 6-year olds not doing homework.

If you care so much to get involved, the petition can be ‘e-signed’. What affects it has afterwards are yet to be known, but it never hurts to help spread the word.