Ravens Torrey Smith Posts Picture of Mike Tomlin doing the Stanky Leg



Ravens Wide Receiver Torrey Smith was obviously not amused by Mike Tomlin’s bush league tactic to stop the Jacoby Jones return. He took to instagram this morning to do a little trolling of football’s Omar Epps with a hilarious picture of Tomlin photoshopped into a Soul Train Background with the caption “Do the Stanky Leggggg”

The refs should have awarded the touchdown, but that is NFL officiating for you.


    • Negative! Tomlin was on the freaking field and caused Jones to veer onto the field. Whether he would have been caught either way is irrelevant and subject to speculation. It was a bush league tactics by Tomlin, and fortunately the Ravens weren’t/aren’t making a big deal out of it. Some other teams would have definitely complained more, even in victory.

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