Retired Judge Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Aaron Hernandez Is Acquitted


Things have been quiet on the Aaron Hernandez front lately.

Besides a struggle plate for Thanksgiving dinner, news on Hernandez has been scarce.  According to Pro Football Zone, retired Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Isaac Borenstein told My FOX Boston that he would not be surprised at all if former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez ended up walking away as a free man from the Odin Lloyd murder case.

Borenstein, a professor of law at Suffolk and Northeastern, has presided over dozens of murder cases during his 22-year long career. According to Borenstein, he would not be surprised if Hernandez walked away a free man. However, if Hernandez does go to trial, he expects a battle.

“I would not be shocked if this verdict went a way that didn’t necessarily looked like at this point. It’s the way the justice system work,” he said.

We’ve watched enough court TV to know that anything can and will happen in this case.