Richie Incognito Talked About Stealing Tannehill’s CC & Buying Jet Skies



I am not going to make a bad going Incognito joke, but it is pretty much over for him.


  1. Every NFL season, a serious criminal scandal happens. Last year, Josh Brent killed one of his team mates. This year, this racist player threatens and bullies a rookie. There is something very strange going on in the NFL. Is it the steroids? Is it the deer antler spray? Is it the constant concussions? What is it?

    • Its the horrible combination of roid rage and violent sports culture. kinda like prozac + suicidal gamer teen = school shooting. roids + NFL = violence

  2. To all the haters out there, Richie Incognito may seem like the lowest piece of pond scum walking on two legs, a bona fide worthless excuse for a human being that even child molesters would spit on. But I guarantee he’ll do at least ONE good thing for the world some day: HE’LL DROP DEAD. And the world will be a better place for it.

  3. Has anyone noticed that the owner of the Miami Dolphins and Roger Goodell have not commented on this serious situation?

  4. Hazing is popping people with towels, or putting hand soap in their gatorade. Not stealing their credit card and buying everyone a $5,000 jet ski.

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