AFL Player Breaks Teammate’s Jaw Over Rihanna autograph (Video)


Rihanna even makes the groupie athletes act out of control.

A veteran Australian football player named Campbell Brown is in hot water after allegedly breaking his teammates jaw in an L.A. nightclub over a Rihanna autograph.

According to the Herald Sun, Brown and his Gold Coast Suns teammates went out to Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood to celebrate the end of a two week training camp in high altitude in Arizona.

Rihanna arrived, and all hell broke loose.

Brown stands accused of punching May at an LA nightclub after the club’s training trip to Arizona. May has a broken jaw and will go into hospital on Friday.

According to sources, Suns players were at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood when they were asked to leave because Rihanna and her entourage were arriving after the pop star’s concert.

May was allegedly trying to force his way back in to get an autograph when an attempt was made to stop him by Hawthorn’s Josh Gibson, who was also present.

It is understood that after May verbally abused Gibson, Brown stepped in and allegedly punched him.


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  • AFL is not rugby league or rugby union. Yardbarker continues to get this wrong. Completely different sports. AFL is Australian Rules Football and is only played in Australia. Both codes of rugby are played worldwide. Comparing aFL to rugby is like comparing NBA to NFL. Two drastically different sports.

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