The Photo Circulating of Jameis Winston’s Accuser, Isn’t Her

Jameis Winston Accuser

The above photo has been floating around the internet today, claiming this is the woman who accused Jameis Winston of rape.

TMZ has confirmed that is not the accuser and they also had this to say about if the accuser had a previous relationship with Jameis.

The accuser in the Jameis Winston rape case had NO relationship with the FSU football star before the night of the incident … she didn’t even know him …. sources connected to the alleged victim tell TMZ.

Furthermore … this photo (above) which is circulating — showing Winston in an embrace with a blond woman at a Tallahassee nightclub — is NOT the accuser.

The lawyer for the alleged victim tells TMZ … both she and her client have viewed the pic and the woman “is definitely not her.”

Please be very careful when you are posting photos and making assumptions about things, you don’t know as factual.

We believe this to be Jameis Winston Accuser (Click Here)

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