Woman Who Dressed As Boston Marathon Victim Fears For Her Life


boston marathon halloween costume


There’s truly some sick people in the world.

Alicia Lynch, 22, for whatever reason decided to dress up as a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing for Halloween–fake blood and all. She showed up at work decked out in the ‘costume’ and took a photo, which she then shared with the world.

After posting the above photo on her twitter the internet has wasted no time digging up her background, including her address, parent’s names and many death threats have been hurled her way. And yes, of course she’s since been fired from her job.

This is a prime example of why stooping to someone’s low level (no matter how loathsome) isn’t always the best thing to do. This woman is obviously mentally disturbed, and or just a soulless human being. Shame her until the cows come home, but let’s not fight ignorance with more ignorance.

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed via Bossip


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