Aaron Hernandez Hooking Up Cellmates With His Female Groupies


It is innocent until proven guilty, but a lot of women don’t care if Hernandez is guilty or not from the amount of groupie mail he is receiving in jail.

But, instead of keeping all the ladies to himself, he is spreading the wealth to his cellmates.

Aaron Hernandez is playing matchmaker behind bars … ’cause he’s been letting his sexually deprived prison buddies respond to his female fan mail, TMZ Sports has learned.

One of the lucky gals who wrote to Aaron got two responses last week — but neither of them were from the ex-Patriot/alleged murderer … instead, she heard back from some of his “roommates.”

A guy named “Rondo” and a dude named “John” — who are both locked up in the same prison with Aaron– say that AH encouraged them to write her … and suggested she look them up on FaceBook.

Unfortunately for Rondo and John, the women weren’t interested and they didn’t receive any responses.

But, nice gesture on Hernandez’s part.

2 thoughts on “Aaron Hernandez Hooking Up Cellmates With His Female Groupies

  • Amazing story! Incredible journalism here folks. I can only imagine the message board lighting up a fire here today, I mean, what else is more important than Hernandez in jail. Do some real reporting please!

  • Maybe by hooking his cellmates up with females will keep them off of his azz…..ijs

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