Dolphins Player: We’ll Run Mike Tomlin’s Ass Over On Sunday


I understand that Mike Tomlin interfering with Jacoby Jones’ kickoff return was inexcusable, but the Miami Dolphins of all organizations should keep the talking and threats to a minimum.

TMZ is reporting from anonymous Dolphins players that they have something in store for Tomlin if he gets to close to the action again.

TMZ Sports spoke with one of the Dolphins — who play the Steelers in Pittsburgh this weekend — and he says … “I hope he learns his lesson that he needs to get his ass off the field or he might be in a hospital if it occurs again.”

Again what Tomlin did was wrong, but for Dolphins players to be mouthing off and woofing, knowing that Tomlin won’t be anywhere near the field of play this weekend is just bush league.

I’ve grown sick of the Miami Dolphins.

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