D Wade’s New Baby Mama Wrote Letter to Gabby Union About Affair in Feb


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Back in February when we originally posted this, I didn’t think much of it.  Side chicks and groupies do these type of things all the time.

In light of the woman actually having D Wade’s child it looks like at least a part of this open letter she wrote was true.

So it’s only right I put Dwyane Wade on blast. First and foremost i’d like to thank ***** Wade, his cousin for booking my numerous of flights. 

Ohh yea, hi Ms. Union. Good too see you stuck around and have a few more pieces of clothing inside of his house. The kitchen looks great by the way. I love the new counter tops. I would also like to thank Rich, the chef for his amazing breakfast. His cookies are the best. 

And last but not least I’d like to thank Dwayne for always making me feel comfortable on your side of the bed. Hiding pictures in your drawer. You know the night stand next to your side of the bed, the one with the two drawers. Think the picture is the one with you and Sanaa Lathan in it. 

Also Gabrielle you are a little to old to be making Valentines day Photo albums. Leave that to the young girls your man cheats on you with. Dont believe me, I took a picture of the picture. 

FYI your man likes fat asses you might need to get you one. Last but not least. I will send you a picture of the bags your man left in the hotel room i f*cked him in. lol 

There use to be some decorum in these cheating streets, but not so much anymore. You can read up on the baby mama and check out the birth certificate here.


182 thoughts on “D Wade’s New Baby Mama Wrote Letter to Gabby Union About Affair in Feb

  • Gabby knew what she was getting into because she started as the sidechick. She knows how D.Wade is. Plus, she may not want to have kids of her own and hoes don’t actually raise their kids (Hi Draya) so it doesn’t seem like a bad situation.

  • Awww poor baby mad she was the side piece that didn’t become his wifey but a baby mama.

  • This is crazy the things sac chasers do to get noticed get a life sweetie your happy that you had sex raw and let him nut all in you so you can use that baby for a check you mean nothing if you were important he would be marrying you so I guess he don’t like fat asses that much so sit back and shut up like a good bitch and get your weight up

  • D-Wade you are silly and very immature. You should learn from the mistakes you made with your boys mother and set yourself to be a better individual. You know that these women would do anything to have a baby from you and your dumb ass fell for a big piece of ass. She fine, yes and look nice too, but damn son you have Gabrielle. Talking about you were apart, no the hell you were not.. You fall in the same category as the rest of the dumb athletes… You have enough money to by condoms silly ass. Did you even think of that, NOPE I guess not.. Personally I hope she drop your stupid ass and move. Ms. Union you better than that, don’t downgrade yourself..

    • You have the only post that holds Wade accountable for this mess. He should have been more careful.

  • Bitch aint got shit on gabby she just mad she didn’t get the ring

    • Consign

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