Damon Wayans Jr. Baby Mama Aja Metoyer is Mom of Wade’s Love Child (Photos)

TMZ has tracked down the birth certificate (1st photo above) of Wade’s Love Child.

The kid is named Xavier Zechariah Wade, the mother Aja Metoyer (photos above) is 30 and already has two kids (one with Damon Wayans Jr).

Dwyane Wade Drama

14 thoughts on “Damon Wayans Jr. Baby Mama Aja Metoyer is Mom of Wade’s Love Child (Photos)

  • Lol yall all over the place with these rumors & TMZ gets it right immediately. You need new sources mane!

  • The first chick is better looking.

    • Damn some guys will bed anything! This chick has a pouchy belly and stretch marks,check out the second pic. Seriously if you’re going slumming wrap it up or better yet get snipped so no worries of hoes like this getting in your pocket!

  • If Dwayne Wade keeps this up he will have more illegitimate kids than Shawn Kemp. He will also be broke like Shawn Kemp.

  • That freeze frame pic of D wade from the commercial is perfect for this story, lol. The only difference is he cannot wake up from this nightmare it is real. Cheating on Gabrielle Union is dumb but cheating on Gabrielle Union and not wearing a condom is insane.

    • Thinking with the wrong head forsure…

  • It doesn’t matter that she gave Wade as a last name. He’s not on the birth certificate, and because she’s an established hoe, she has to prove paternity b4 he’s legally bound to anything. Sounds like she likes having sex with money hoping for a come up. If ur gonna get wet with side chicks make sure ur PROTECTED!

    • He already said he is the father. She doesn’t have to prove anything.

      She seems beyond gross. What a classless fool.

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