Damon Wayans Jr. Baby Mama Aja Metoyer is Mom of Wade’s Love Child (Photos)


TMZ has tracked down the birth certificate (1st photo above) of Wade’s Love Child.

The kid is named Xavier Zechariah Wade, the mother Aja Metoyer (photos above) is 30 and already has two kids (one with Damon Wayans Jr).

Dwyane Wade Drama


    • Damn some guys will bed anything! This chick has a pouchy belly and stretch marks,check out the second pic. Seriously if you’re going slumming wrap it up or better yet get snipped so no worries of hoes like this getting in your pocket!

  1. If Dwayne Wade keeps this up he will have more illegitimate kids than Shawn Kemp. He will also be broke like Shawn Kemp.

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