Demarcus Ware Tells Reporters They Could Have Thrown 5 TDs Against Cowboys


Cowboy fans werent the only people that were upset with their perfomance agansit the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, the players themselves were even disgusted.

Via, various players were asked about how they felt about their performances but the most noted was Demarcus Ware.

“If you were back there at quarterback and we played the way we played you’d probably have five touchdowns,” Ware responded

DT Jason Hatcher:

“It was a very embarrassing game; we got our butts beat, We got outplayed.”

Lastly, cornerback Brandon Carr:

“We never had an answer. They had their way with us in all three phases of the game.”

The Monday night lose came at a time when the Cowboys needed it the most. With the loss to the Bears, Dallas has to win the next three games to compete in the race to a playoff season.