Designs For Oakland A’s Possible Future Waterfront Stadium Revealed (Photo)



Started from the bottom, now they could be here…

The Oakland A’s neverending saga of leaving hell hole that is their current stadium. continues For years the A’s have tried unsuccessfully to get the O.K from MLB to move to San Francisco.

Things may finally be going their way as a proposal for a new A’s home–still in Oakland, were revealed on Monday. The good news is, they wouldn’t have to consult with MLB about permission for the move–the bad news is their owner, Lew Wolff doesn’t want to make the move.

A group in Oakland put together a $500 million plan to construct what would be a waterfront stadium located at the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal (pictured above).

But still the plan is being met with much skepticsm from the A’s owner, CBS Sports reported:

To call Wolff skeptical of the Howard Terminal idea, however, would be an understatement. “It would be easier to build on Treasure Island,” he told us.

“All I care about is getting a new home for the A’s in the best possible circumstances — and under any circumstances, Howard Terminal would be as close to impossible as anything,” Wolff said.

He wasn’t willing to give an instant replay of all his objections, but in the past he has pointed to toxic wastes that will require an expensive cleanup and the difficulty of persuading the state to agree to a non-maritime use of the site. Wolff also has noted that the land is tied up in a long-term lease.

The A’s have to clear the hurdle of getting Wolff’s approval before they can even think of getting the wheels rolling.

In the meantime it’s the fans who continue to suffer.

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  • Wow, this story is all wrong. The Oakland A’s have been trying to move to the south bay. First to Fremont, CA then to San Jose not San Francisco as written. The south bay was originally A’s territory but the A’s agreed to give up that region to the SF Giants years ago. MLB recognizes the south bay as Giant’s territory ;however, the commish suggested the Giants and A’s share AT&T park for the next 2 years.

  • Breaks my heart to see a city that used to be the home of the Black Panthers plagued with crime, gangs and homelessness. In addition, one of the worst stadiums in the country is in Oakland. Oh and one more thing, the Raiders SUCK!

    • Most of them former Black Panthers leaders are professors at prestigious universities now educating your kids.

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