ESPN Won’t Apologize For Asking Jameis Winston About Rape Investigation

Jameis Winston

Winston’s attorney demanded an apology for this.

I can understand a couple of questions (which Jameis handled well), but she pushed it a little too far. ESPN says they won’t issue an apology.

If FSU told ESPN that, they shouldn’t have to issue an apology.  It would have been nice if she actually asked a question about the game.

4 thoughts on “ESPN Won’t Apologize For Asking Jameis Winston About Rape Investigation

  • Heather went over the top with her interview with Mr. Winston. The investigation is in the past, so why does ESPN and it’s representatives continue to discuss this matter. Heather, please fly out to LA and attempt to discuss Kobe’s old rape case with him. Wow

  • Agree with robert kencaide. It was over the top and had nothing to do with game itself.

  • Well rape is a pretty big deal, and it seems like this case was handled very poorly by the police & State Atty. Just because they never charged Winston doesn’t mean he’s innocent. May be a good thing that this is being brought to National attention.

  • No evidence to even prove a crime was committed, i’d say that is a good enough reason to quit dogging the young man. Diana you just hate men, that’s why you already convicted him.

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