HBO And Director Peter Berg Team Up For New Documentary Series ‘State Of Play’

hbo sports state of play


HBO Sports, in collaboration with Emmy nominated filmmaker Peter Burg (Friday Night Lights) have teamed up to create the documentary film series ‘State of Play’.

The show explores different depths in the sports world, and focuses on how the sports world slowly bleeds into the world around us. Each episode with spotlight one topic in particular, with a 40-minute cinema verité mini-documentary fully examining the topic then followed by a 20 minutes roundtable discussion on the matter.

The debut episode of the series is ‘State of Play: Trophy Kids’ which will air Weds. December 4,  9pm EST. This film will closely examine the trend of parents’ obsessive passion for being involved in their children’s scholastic athletic competition.

After the documentary portion, Burg will host a thought-provoking discussion on the topic, with former NFL Quarterback Todd Marinovich offering his own experience with his parents’ role in his athletic career from a young age.

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  • Todd Marinovich is a classic example of when parents push their kids too far. Like Marinovich, some kids might rebel by engaging in unlawful behavior, like drug abuse. Todd had the talent, but lacked desire and maturity! Some kids can’t handle the pressure and attention of youth sports.

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