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Jameis Winston’s Alleged Accuser Erica Kinsman (Photos)

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2013
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Erica Kinsman Jameis Winston Accuser

This is Jameis Winston alleged accuser Erica Kinsman (on the left). According to Owens’ sources she is the woman who accused Winston of rape.

Winston won’t be charged after it was found there were two DNA profile found on her panties and conflicting statements about the night she was allegedly raped.


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  1. nba is fixed says:

    Once again all athletes, especially black athletes, DON’T PUT YOUR HANDS ON WOMEN! Many of these women will lie and set you up for a case. Remember your history. Remeber what happened to Mike Tyson. Remember what almost happened to Kobe Bryant!

    • truth says:

      Yeh , it’s all made up stuff. All to get black mans money.

      Black guys don’t ever rape.

      • spenz says:

        Lol. Black men don’t rape? hilarious.

      • Bob says:

        The only ones making stuff up are those trying to protect their investment.

        The one thing we can be sure of with Kobe and Tyson is that they are confirmed liars. Kobe lied to his entire family and loved ones and Tyson has openly admitted that he was a liar about many things so how can we trust anything they say?

        Athletic skill is not character and all this jock sniffing faux-hero worship is pathetic.

        • Rikki says:

          Apparently you didn’t watch the Tyson interview where it was clear he was drugged or under the influence. It’s also been proven that his then wife was a gold digger and wasn’t above setting someone up. As for Bryant…just because you lie, doesn’t mean you rape. One thing does not automatically mean the other has happened. I wouldn’t compare apples to oranges if I were you. As for Winston, I am an Alumnus of FSU. I’m female. I’ve seen the how these girls go after these guys. I’ve seen how the girls get the football program, go through it and specifically plot to get their hands on one of those guys. The guys are stupid for not being cautious and letting their “fame” go to their head, but these women are not innocent victims; vindictive, manipulative liars…yes. People, all sects of people, men, women, black, white, other have bad people in them. So try not to be so ummm….narrowminded.

      • Krom says:

        If it was “made up to get money”, why did she seek crimminal charges first. There’s no money in that, fool.

        Throwing around a ball doesn’t mean character and the way some o you jock sniffers worship fools is why they think they can do what ever they want.

        Small wonder atheletes get targeted in school shootings.

    • cam says:

      All of you are pathetic. I haven’t seen one post on the details of the case that was thrown out by the Florida state attorney ( a FSU graduate and current booster). Quit reacting to things based on race and actually sit down and take a look at the facts before you make a judgment. Quit blaming the white man for every fallacy in your life and quit thinking all black men live in ghettos and are career criminals. Look at the facts.

  2. john says:

    why are you posting this? be better than terez Owens man.

    • Pat says:

      I agree with John….and i’m of the belief that she is not telling the truth. That being said, it is still in incredibly poor taste to be indentifying the victim of a sexual assault (alleged or otherwise) unless you know beyond a reasonable doubt that her accusations are false. Be better than terez man…

      • bruce markus says:

        Anyone who invokes the criminal mechanism should be publicly identified, just as the accused (who may be innocent) is identified. This is only fair.

      • Telka says:

        I don’t believe this is in poor taste at all. A woman can accuse any man of raping her and his name can be spread all over the country while she remains anonymous. And if the accusation is unfounded she can still remain anonymous while he is left being judged “by the court of public opinion”. There should be no double standards. Either don’t release both names until charges are filed and if the accused is found not guilty the accusers’ name should be known. Many women have accused men of rape knowing they didn’t do it and having blond hair and blue eyes shouldn’t make you immune to scrutiny.

        • bsmllc says:

          The woman’s name is withheld because most of the time the woman is put on trial in the court of public opinion instead of the man. According to the Attorney this case was dropped not because there was no evidence…but because he didn’t think he could prove rape based upon the evidence he had. I am concerned that Winston lied about knowing the girl until his DNA was found by the rape kit that the police didn’t turn in for many weeks. I am not saying that Winston raped her…I am saying there is evidence to support her claim. Secondly…he liked even knowing the girl until he got cuaght in the lie by his DNA being on her. Then…all of a sudden the sex was consensual. Why did he lie? To keep it from his girlfriend? This whole situation is sad for everyone in involved….and it is sad to see the people on here putting her on trial when they don’t even know the facts.

      • Robert says:


  3. Bruce says:

    What a nig. She wouldn’t have come out and say she was raped unless she actually was. Now, because he can run fast he will get away with it. Dude should be hung.

    • Truthteller says:

      Fuckin’ mayo eatin’ honkey. Go back to Stormfront

    • Paul says:

      Your a racist moron… & apparently gullible or stupid. There are several reasons a person would lie about a sexual assult. She may or may not be but from the files released by the Florida state attorney she was lying about quite a few things & slept with 2 guys that night. Plus there were people in the room when it happened that they questioned & she wasnt drugged or very drunk. Know what your talking about before typing…

      • Mark says:

        Winston’s friends were the witnesses 😉

      • SCOO says:

        The ignorant comments here show why women DON’T report it. I was date raped in college and told the police and the detective said it was because I had a good figure and men like women with good figures. I got pregnant as well and had an abortion. Found out he was married later.

        Men are idiots.

    • BeverlyAnn66 says:

      If he were White would you still say he needed to be HUNG? I only ask because with all the forms of punishment we have in America you come out of your face with “he should be hung”.

      Black men leave these Becky’s alone! Don’t get caught up and get thrown in jail for something you didn’t do!

      It’s a trap!

      • skalley99 says:

        I want everyone to think before answering my questions. And I’ll add that I’m black. No.(1). How many super rich white stars have black wives? No.(2). How many superstar black athletes have white wives?

        • jay says:

          Great question. I am white, conservative as hell and think that the sisters should get in on the act. I know many mixed race couples quite happy. Doing somethign for love is one thing. Doing it to make a point or chasing future dollars is pathetic. I think the whore should hang. Does she not know a black man could be killed with just an accusation of rape a couple decades ago?

          She really sounds like a tramp without race being an issue. IN regards to Winston its hard to blame him. There are few self-respecting black men who would turn down, free, easy, white tail.

          • spenz says:

            Wow. What a nigger answer. Black men need to stop having babies with white women, they produce ugly ass offspring. Black men. Go back to africa. Bring your rap and rebellious attitudes with you. Quit beating and raping our women in america. F you.

    • brumark614 says:

      The dude probably IS hung!

    • TJ says:

      Wow, Bruce….every woman who says she was raped, was actually raped….I am sorry our education system has failed you.

    • silly says:

      dont be such a lil bitch Bruce! Jameis aint even that fast, just a great qb. so stop being soo damn racist and learn how to fuckin read!

  4. Raiden594 says:

    Dang… and she ain’t even cute.

  5. dagnabit says:

    the chick is most likely just an attention starved typical college blonde gold-digging american woman, and is JEALOUS of the QB, so she FABRICATED the whole Story, because he probably told her he wasnt going to CALL her the next day.
    She probably figured it was EASIER to get rich now, than complete college and work for a living.
    She would’ve done terrible in court on the stand. Imagine the Jury bringing out that picture of the christmas tree with all the beer cans for ORNAMENTS. Yeah…you had a great case girly. OF BEER, that is…Better Luck next time, No JObs out in the real world for you as a PLANTIFF, sorry, Not even on JUDGE JUDY.

    • truth says:

      Attention? lol. You only get bad attention for being raped.

      No white guy will marry her.

      • jay says:

        I dont know. Might now marry he, but I dont think many will kick her out of bed. Girls like her will do the book on the first date

      • Jean Yar says:

        Yes, they will. The comments on this site are EXACTLY why rape victims are not named. The woman is held up as a whore or that she asked for it. Really, I think there was more to the story of what happened that night…like maybe she was okay going off with Jameis Winston but not okay with have sex with the other two guys who were with him. You really don’t think that a girl wants to have sex with two guys one after another? That she didn’t feel intimidated and coerced into doing so? If she was coerced then that is rape. Rape does not have to be a violent assault to be rape. Chris Casher and Ronald Darby are both mentioned in reports as being in the apartment while Winston was “having sex” with this young woman. Casher reportedly took photos using his cell phone of the sexual acts and then erased them when later told that he could face legal sanctions as well as university sanctions. Both Casher and Darby did the wrong thing in bringing this young woman back to the apartment. Winston, Casher & Darby are not shining examples of manhood that should be admired by the sporting public.

    • Carl says:

      Chick on the right is much hotter, anyway

  6. good one jame says:

    treat that cornflake like da ho she is

  7. Joe says:

    She also wouldn’t wait 11 months to pick the case up if she wasn’t raped rite? Especially since he’s heisman front runner

  8. fuckin nigger lover......that the most fucked up white will have her now says:

    fuckin nigger lover

    that’s the most screwed up part about it

    • In reply to the hater cracker saying nigger says:

      You racist white trash.. it was consensual so she agreed bitch..and go ahead say nigger all you want on the internet cuz u safe behind the computer but have the balls to go up and say it to a black man face and watch you die on the spot pussy.

      • jay says:

        I dont approve of the language, but are you saying blacks are so violent they will kill people over a word? Do you really want to think about that? That is how bigots think blacks are naturally violent

    • Black Hammer says:

      Ever think she didn’t want a white? Prolly why she was in that room making people leave and locking the door behind them. She wants that big black dick boss.!

      • great White glory says:

        typical nigger. that’s all you got. a monkey with a pole going out of fuckin control. keep stackin them sins we’ll see your end. all black men are horny rapists. if you guys really have big dicks, you should be able to get what you want without forcing it. black degenerate faggots you’re all obsessed with cock.

    • BeverlyAnn66 says:

      It’s sad that in 2013 your IGNORANT ASS still being racist.

      Did your Grandpappy pass down that kind of talk down through the gene pool in your family?

      Let’s hope you don’t have the ability to reproduce!

      • Zach says:

        know what’s sad? it’s 2013 and blacks have a platform to drag us all down to. Almighty God would call you all profane whoremongers. a proud look, lying tongue, feet quick to mischief, hands shedding innocent blood, hearts that devise evil and foster disunion. the six things that the Lord hates, black people carry out with definition… they’re a blight on this planet.

    • Rebel vs Rebel says:

      no, the most screwed up part about this is that they let trailer park white trash scumbags have internet service.
      i’m white but would LOVE to see you utter those words face to face with a man of color. your balls would shrivel up and turn into a vagina right before you got your ass handed to you. but we all know you wouldn’t have the spine to do so once the keyboard is gone and a grown man is standing right in front of you.

  9. elijah says:

    what I think happened was that since the other dna was her so called boyfriends, he ended up finding out she slept with him got mad called her out on it, and decided to protect herself by calling rape. Winston being an athlete was just unlucky to be the guy to get caught up in it. and for that reason when they contacted the boyfriend he said he didn’t want anything to do with it and that’s another reason why she didn’t mention who the other dna belonged to. I don’t think race has anything to do with it, and im black my wife is white so I tend not to use race as a factor.

    • zach says:

      stfu… you’re so full of shit and lies. you WOULD being a nigger, twist this around to make your heroic footballin brotha appear totally blameless. damn you wicked ass black people. all of you try to redefine sin and your people are responsible for the extreme degradation of life in this world. i hope you all pay dearly for it.

  10. No problem with raping dumb whites says:

    Stupid white racist trash, always trying to fuck with us niggas. Yall gonna be pissy when you the minority, and we turn you crackers into slaves. cant even keep your trash woman of our monster cocks. FUCK WHITE PEOPLE. You stupid white fucks will pay to watch us ball, and we will use to rape you “woman” haha

    • Felonious Floozum says:

      You understand that everything you have – your freedom, your right to own property, your right to exist in this country – everything…it was all given to you by your white masters. You simply exist due to the charity and benevolence of the white man. You’re a semi-illiterate, ungrateful, subhuman virus that in every plausible facet of life (except on a court or field) makes the world worse (dumber, slower, ruder, and more dangerous) for every other race. Indians, Chinese, Hispanics, Koreans, Persians, etc…all have worked hard and pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps. Not you. Your sole purpose in life is to doggedly pursue the basest of pleasures ( AKA “feelin’ guuuuu”) with no thoughts of consequences or even a thread of discipline. And as soon as any if you rise to any sort of prominence, all you knuckle draggers strive to do is to stick your AIDS-infected members into “massa’s wife”. Unbelievable. Please save our country from the edge of collapse and book a one-way ticket to Liberia where your species can wipe themselves out in its natural habitat without mine having to clean up your messes and support you with tax money.

      • thuggish ruggish bone says:

        You understand that everything you have – your freedom, your right to own property, your right to exist in this country – everything…it was all given to you by your white ancestors.You simply exist due to the murder of the native american man. You’re a murderous, rapist subhuman virus that in every plausible facet of life (wars,rapes) makes the world worse (dumber, slower, ruder, and more dangerous) for every other race. Indians, Chinese, Hispanics, Koreans, Persians, etc…all of which you have stolen and raped, Your sole purpose in life is to murder, rape and steal from other races on a massive scale( AKA Christopher Colombus discovered America LOL) with no thoughts of consequences or even a thread of discipline( entire indigenous populations murdered and raped to extermination). And as soon as any of you were alone with non white women, all you knuckle draggers strove to do was to rape. Unbelievable. Please save our country from the edge of collapse and book a one-way ticket to Europe where your species can wipe themselves out in its natural habitat ( hopefully WW3) without further hindering the happiness of everybody else!

      • Retard says:

        This is not ur country bitch ass cracker..its the native americans lol!…that how stupid u r for saying that…i hate white people they swear americas is theres

    • Tony Soprano says:

      Damn u are one stupid nigger….
      Keep livin it up in the ghetto all your life…

      • Ashamed to be white says:

        Typical whites that’s whybi hate my own race.! Us as white men are so intimidate by a black guy laying one of our white women that we say we don’t want them after they had them.! We are quick to think they all live in the ghetto when we are scared to even get to know them. I have some very successful black friends and most of them run their household unlike the majority of my fellow white male friends.! Over the years I’ve come to realiE the we are the weakest species of males breathing.! We always have to ask out wives permission for everything even to work overtime. While my black friend will say I’m the man and just does it.!

    • Mike says:

      Jump back on your vine and swing away, chimp.

    • BWC says:

      You have a tiny mocha horsefly choker don’t ya. I bet yo grandmammy had a lil white up in her. Your spelling is somewhat decent so you must have a lil pale in ya

    • cluedIn says:

      get a grip. what you’re doing is no better than what he did. your slave idea won’t happen, and you are just as racist as the POS who you replied to. that’s ok. you and him can share a trailer together. you belong together. you’re both ignorant fools, you both talk a good talk from behind a keyboard, and you both are what’s still wrong with this country. both of you can fuck off and die. the world would be better without you. you got one thing right. “our trash women want you”. trash being the operative word. take out our trash. bask in it.

    • jay says:

      1, how did slavery end? White men decided it should ( they may rethink if they were alive today)
      2, how did blacks get the right to vote ( same as #1)
      3, how did obama become president? White donors and enough self hating white people who voted for him.

      Blacks got where they are at the grace of the white man and many of those white liberals spend time in places like Detroit or something they will think very different.

      Bring it. Thank God for the second amendment. I might die, but ill go monkey hunting.

  11. Dam sorority girls says:

    I swear these slutty white sorority girls always tryna get at the athletes especially the black ones. And just because he didn’t break up with his girl for this ugly slut she tried to crush his career and accused him of rape. Her evidence was bullshit and the toxicology report stated she was not intoxicated.

  12. Niggers and Honkeys says:

    Damn you all are some racist motherfuckers.

    Truth be told though, she probably didn’t want her friends and family to know that she had consensual sex with a black guy.

  13. derek says:

    niggggger lover . saw the money and wanted to suck a blank ..and like the other viewer said she is not even cute

  14. winston didit says:

    All of us auburn fans know he did it and got away with it – money bought his way out and this case was filed before mr. Winston was famous – he jumped on that poor girl and rapped her- thats not ok and auburns gonna kick his ass at the B.C.S

  15. wes says:

    They said in the news conference the other DNA was from her BOYFRIEND, so heres how i see it. Homegirl got caught CHEATING with winston and cried rape. Disgusting she should go to jail.

  16. Rob says:

    For all you white trash racist who keep saying nigger lover can suck my big black dick that u don’t have…maybe thats why she a nigger lover. Plus there is no such thing as nigger lover ..a girl can date or fuck whoever she wants, just like a guy can date whoever he wants. If you date a Asian nobody calls u a chick lover. Only the close minded racist who cant date outside their race. If someone is attractive in ur mind then u can date the person it doesn’t matter on the fucking color. As in this case, this slut white girl was mad Jameis didn’t break up with his girl for her so she wanted till he got to the top of his career to try to accuse him of rape. But she’s a lier cuz they had pictures together and at first she said she didn’t know the rapist. She a whore sorority girl looking for attention by attacking the star QB.

  17. LyingWhiteGirl says:

    She obviously made this shit up because she’s embarrassed she got caught going black. Crying rape is the only way Daddy and her B-friend will have anything to do with her. Too bad they don’t punish false accusers.

  18. do u have any idea how many black guys are in prison for doing a lot less to a WHITE WOMAN in fla.!!!! of course none of them are the best q.b. in the country…he got away with one..YUP!!

  19. Joe says:

    Wait… There’s a What if there was a Would Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson organize a march? Such a fucking joke. Like BET, Affirmative Action, All Black Colleges, etc.

    • LyingWhiteGirl says:

      Get off your inferiority complex. Being white in this country has its advantages, such as, you can get away with succeeding in whatever profession your in being mediocre as someone who is black and exceptional.

  20. K-man Koooo says:

    she probably watched interracial John Boy, Mandingo porn video. got a little tipsy and wanted to Bang Bros to see if she got the potential. I am sure she could make Wicked Vid like Teen Mom did and make some of the bucks now. Winston’s accuser rods it out on the big 12 inch ruler.. ya mon

  21. jimmyt says:

    With the exception of nba is fixed would all comentors on this thread please help us clean up the planet and shoot yourselves. You wont be missed.

  22. jerry jones says:

    I agree with Jimmy T. All you go kill yo self with your ignorance and trolling.

  23. Jamal says:

    I hear Erica is one cxsukin mother fork-her!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Not all white people but these dumb ass racist ones says:

    I think its real funny how all these white people talking shit online but none of yall never say all this shit to a black man’s face… as a black man i never seen a white person say this to my face and i love pissing yall off cuz yall become a pussy and just call the cops to try press charges..when was the last time you seen a black man press charges on any race cuz .of some dumb shit…exactly…yall pussies… haha talk all you want on the internet…its the internet… we dont care! Lol

    • voiceoftruth says:

      I see racism is alive and well. Pitiful fools. All worked up about something that is not even relevant to their existence on this hellbound planet. Girl is obviously a dime-a-dozen slore-puppy.That’s slut+whore all rolled into one. And not a very good one at that. Her parents must be so proud! Nothing to see here people. For the love of logic and sanity, move on with your lives.

  25. LOL at you people... says:

    What a bunch of racists….black and white.

    The girl might have been raped or might not have…I don’t know….but either way itis bullshit for you to be posting this crap. And whether Winston is a rapist or not….he is a pretty pathetic guy to bang a one night stand when his pretty girlfriend was showing up the next day.

  26. Max Cleland says:

    This chick is a lying whore.

  27. Maximo says:

    Was wondering IF she was white.. OF COURSE! That’s all black ball players go for. Funny how they marry white when given a choice.. Look at a photo of all the NFL player’s and their wives. Did she put herself in this predicament? Yes. Will the DA press the issue, because he is 1)Black 2) up for the Heissman? NO. end of story.

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  29. Telka says:

    I don’t believe this is in poor taste at all. A woman can accuse any man of raping her and his name can be spread all over the country while she remains anonymous. And if the accusation is unfounded she can still remain anonymous while he is left being judged “by the court of public opinion”. There should be no double standards. Either don’t release both names until charges are filed and if the accused is found not guilty the accusers’ name should be known. Many women have accused men of rape knowing they didn’t do it and having blond hair and blue eyes shouldn’t make you immune to scrutiny.

  30. IZombie says:

    That slut is just pissed off because Jameis didn’t call her back the next day.

  31. cam says:

    All of you are pathetic. I haven’t seen one post on the details of the case that was thrown out by the Florida state attorney ( a FSU graduate and current booster). Quit reacting to things based on race and actually sit down and take a look at the facts before you make a judgment. Quit blaming the white man for every fallacy in your life and quit thinking all black men live in ghettos and are career criminals. Look at the facts.

  32. Educate yourselves says:

    1. When questioning the accuser, stop and read the article on Slate entitled “Why Cops don’t believe rape victims:”

    “The brain’s prefrontal cortex—which is key to decision-making and memory—often becomes temporarily impaired. The amygdala, known to encode emotional experiences, begins to dominate, triggering the release of stress hormones and helping to record particular fragments of sensory information. Victims can also experience tonic immobility—a sensation of being frozen in place—or a dissociative state. These types of withdrawal result from extreme fear yet often make it appear as if the victim did not resist the assault.”

    2. Ask yourself why the majority of the police’s evidence examined the accuser and not Winston?

    3. I am an FSU alum and would love to see my team win the National Championship and to have a heisman trophy winner BUT not with this ridiculous excuse of an investigation. The fact that Winston and roommate were given a heads up to get their stories straight with an attorney before meeting with the police should raise a red flag to all.

    4. Read this article:
    and tell me that it still doesn’t raise questions for you.

    Again, I have no idea if he is guilty or not but it certainly sounds like a cover up or complete incompetence by the Tallahassee police department.

    Regardless, he will never separate himself from this story. If he were innocent, this coverup only created doubt in his innocence whether it was his doing or not.

  33. Noneyabeezwax says:

    Typical. He’s black and she’s white and there not going to do anything about it. A stripper crack head blue gum accused the duke players 2 months later and they smeared these guys across the country for months with zero evidence. There ya go….calling all male democrats. Rape all the white women you want, nobody is going to do anything about it.

  34. Will says:

    This is revolting, you’re basically using your website to intimidate a possible rape victim, which of course intimidates future victims into not speaking out at all… Well, I guess she dressed “slutty” so she was asking for it, right? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • KyleWatsonGU says:

      Or, it is acting as a deterrent for future woman who wish to bring false rape charges. Why is it that the accused should have his name slandered when he has been found non-guilty? BTW, that phrase “not-guilty,” is not that same as “innocent”. The Internet is not written in pencil, it is written in INK! Everytime his name is googled, “rape” will be attached to it, yet she deserves protection? It is amazing how that logic works…

  35. The theta DZ says:

    As a member of Delta Zeta during this period I can say with complete honesty that Erica was lying and this can out during a special event we had when new recruits discuss their life’s downstairs for the elders to hear. What she deserves she will
    Get in jersey

  36. Dumb Bitch says:

    Get the facts straight. This dumb bitch (DB) was going slummin at the bar (potbelly’s) and found some black football players. Her boyfriend at Kent State is a black football player (her type). DB wasn’t drunk and hops in a cab with 3 black dudes to go back to their place. DB was blowin Winston before they fucked. Casher, Winston’s roommate and fellow player, walked in the room not to stop Winston but with a video camera. He wanted to run the train on DB like they did with other dumb white bitches. After fucking DB he tells DB to leave, then decides to be a gentleman and drop her off with a scooter. DB gets pissed because she was treated like the whore she is, and instead of facing her whoredom, she cries rape to her friend. Her friend calls the dumb bitch’s mom and it gets out of her control. DB can’t admit to her family she loves mandingo cock and is a whore. Now DB’s lawyer aunt gets the case and sees dollar signs in FSU Athletic dept., FSU police, TPD, Potbelly’s, and a Heisman trophy winner for the national champions. While DB obviously takes the majority of the blame, Winston needs not to take every opportunity to fuck. When you are in the spotlight dicking every whore you run across is sure to stir up this type of bullshit.

  37. wildcats says:

    If the blacks don’t like living here in the USA, they’re free to go live back in Africa!

  38. Chuck says:

    So she was dating and fucking a black man already?

  39. Winstsonned says:

    I’m sorry Ms Kinsman, but your fat cat is showing. Loose pants shorty, loose pants.

  40. Ashamed says:

    First off Jameis Winston didn’t do it. Secondly, and probably most important is how much racism is displayed. Im a Caucasian man and father of three, I pray that my children grow to respect each race and see everyone as equals in this life. But seeing this parade of hatred is nearly defeating. Each race has their blemishes but when we all join together those blemishes fade into the back ground. I could try the whole lets get along but I know that’s not rational but why spew this garbage and fan the flames. The only thing I can say is that I can rest my head at night knowing that not all people from all these ethnicities do not feel the same and I hope it is those that can conquer the idiocy displayed here.

  41. Crank says:

    Damn. Reading these comments it’s proof that the divide is deep and wide.

    Here’s my advice.

    If ya already got a jizz stain in your panties from your BF can’t ya at least change your drores before ya have a meat session with the James?

  42. Don't sink to their level says:

    I look forward to the day when black people (or any other minority) simply shake their head at the ignorance of racists instead of becoming one themselves.

  43. B Wheaton says:

    I know many FSU fans think that this victim should be honored to be raped by their National Champion QB. She should be delighted to have DNA from a Heisman Trophy winner on and within her. I know most of the Tom-A-hawk Nation would beg to “take one for the team”!
    When she started school, I’m sure she was a Seminole fan. She was not aware that the person that raped her was the future of the football program. What would she have to gain by making a false accusation of just another jock. The Jameis enablers are suggesting that they had consensual sex and he was not nice to her after, or that she may have felt used or disrespected for being such a slut.
    So, the Jameis supporters contend that after an evening of blow jobs and fucking a complete stranger, she decided to bruise herself and call 911 at 3am to report a false rape accusation. She reported a rape, immediately. She could not immediately identify her attacker. When she was able to identify her attacker she went to the police immediately. (again) If, as the fan base seems to believe, she made this up because she felt disrespected. She would really be going out on a limb after more than a month, to go back to the police and report that she found her rapist. Talk about a women scorned! She had NOTHING to gain! Imagine after doing the work for the police and finding her assailant, they do nothing and drop the case. The good people of the FSU community and the TPD exerted so much pressure and displayed such hostility, that this girl was forced to leave school. It will be soon that his roommates and teammates will turn on him. His talent will take him to the NFL. I hope that this follows him for the rest of his life, or better he goes to jail where he should be!

  44. B Wheaton says:

    The victim reported this crime immediately and the DNA belonged to famous jamis. Why has he not come out in his own defense? Why has he not made any statement or declare his innocence? How does a college student that comes from a modest income family, end up with a team of advisors and lawyers?
    The Florida State community wanted a Championship, this was the year that it could happen. The victim was sacrificed in the name of Chief Osceola. When the chief plants that spear at the 50 yard line before each game, it is very symbolic of the transgressions that are permissible in the name of sport.
    The nation looks at FSU and the only people that don’t see that a terrible crime has been covered up are the supporters of FSU football. The alumni and boosters that paid for his defense and enabled a rapist are as much to blame as the criminal that violated this girl.
    Either way FSU’s National Championship will always have the asterisk * RAPIST MVP!

  45. says:

    Don’t you fools get it? As long as you are a sports figure for Florida State, you can be black and rape a white woman. That’s politically correct. Now, if you’re a black man ( athlete ) and rape a black woman, you’re fuck-ed.. but don’t worry, the black woman will take the buyout from the university so technically it’s ok. Now, if you’re Hispanic, and raped by a white man, you get the keys to the city and Jimbo Fishers vacation house. Just a word Jimbo, defending a rapist will never come back to give you rewards, you’ll rot in hell with the rest of the flock… you unethical cheating slut. Bobby would have sat the nig for steeling crabs, let alone raping another woman. Next time, let’s hope its you’re daughter you worthless piece of sh it

  46. Wow The Extremes says:

    First, my point of view: I simply don’t know if Jameis is innocent or guilty. I think he’s entitled to a presumption of innocence and thus shouldn’t be harassed about the allegations unless they are proven, which they haven’t been.

    But both extremes, well the worst are those who seem to hate Jameis because he had sex with a white woman, even if it was consensual, or believe without proof that Jameis is guilty and not call for jail (as they would if they believed a white man were guilty of what Jameis is accused of) but for hanging. There’s no place for such racism.

    On the other extreme are people contending without any proof that Kinsman is lying because she’s a “white whore” and worse yet, others who have written that even if it’s true, she should be honored to be raped by a Heisman trophy winner. That’s horribly ridiculous, as well.

    I don’t think we’ll ever know with certainty who’s lying, and as long as that’s true Jameis is entitled to a presumption of innocence that the media isn’t giving him.

    But if Jameis is, in fact, guilty, Kinsman should not be “honored” and Jameis should go to jail (but not be hanged).

    And if Kinsman is lying, then after she lies under oath in her lawsuit, she should go to jail for perjury. That’s too often a light sentence, but they should throw the book at her.

    The extremes, I guess worse by the white supremacists but bad on both sides, are pretty disgusting.

  47. Jay says:

    Whatever happened might be open for discussion but it is clear that Terez Owens referring to the girl as a “slut white girl” is for certain a racist and bigoted remark. How would he feel if someone referred to Winston as a thug black man? How does that feel?

  48. Duane says:

    If Rapist Winston were a third string quarterback, whose contributions to the team were minimal, he would be in jail right now. This cover up by the FSU authorities and the local police is just another example of the “win at all cost” atmosphere that exists today in big-time sports. Mr. rapist should be in jail, and Jimbo Fisher should have been replaced as coach.

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