Jerry Jones Won’t Talk About Trading For Adrian Peterson

Dallas Cowboys v Cincinnati Bengals


Jerry Jones has chosen to take the silent approach on the topic of Adrian Peterson to the Cowboys.

After Peterson said “it would be cool” to play for the Cowboys, Jones refused to take the bait when on local Dallas area radio station 105.3’s The Fan. 

While on the aptly named ‘Jerry Jones Show’ when the topic came up Jones simply replied:

“We don’t want to get into hypotheticals in any way,…As a matter of fact that’s called ‘get busted’ in the NFL to be talking about somebody’s else player.”

Jones is referring to violations in which team administrators begin talks with players on other teams–a serious offense in the NFL, which can lead to heavy fines.

Smart move by Jones to keep mum, especially since everyone basically knows that when the time and or opportunity to get Peterson does arrive Jerry will be the first one trying to make a move.

Peterson’s contract doesn’t expire until 2017, but the possibility of a trade could always present itself.

H/T: USA Today