Odin Lloyd’s Mother Becomes Upset When Aaron Hernandez Laughs In Court

Aaron hernandez

It is almost like Hernandez knows something that we don’t know. He seems extremely confident that he is going to get off.

Maybe it is just fake bravado or his attorneys have a few tricks up their sleeve. His attorneys want a gag order in place and while this proceeding was taking place, Odin Lloyd’s family got extremely upset over Hernandez’s actions in court.

Murder suspect Aaron Hernandez flashed toothy grins and mouthed “I love you” to his mother during a court appearance that sent his alleged victim’s anguished mother dashing from the room in tears.

The former Patriots star, charged in Odin Lloyd’s murder, appeared in a Fall River, Mass., courtroom Monday confident, if not cocky, as not only his fiancée and mother supportively watched from behind, but several fans, too.

Ursula Ward, whose 27-year-old son was found slain execution-style in an industrial park in June, broke down and had to leave the room at the mere sight of her son’s alleged killer.