Reggie Bush: Lions Are Undisciplined, But It Isn’t Jim Schwartz’s Fault


Detroit Lions players are throwing their support behind embattled head coach Jim Schwartz who could be coaching his final two game in Detroit.

The Lions are talented, have the highest payroll in the NFL, but only have a 7-7 record to show for it.  The Lions are simply undisciplined and sloppy.

Reggie Bush refused to discuss Schwartz job security, but did address some of the other pressing concerns.  Bush admitted the Lions were undisciplined, but told the Detroit Free Press that it’s not Jim Schwartz’s fault.

“Just in our play. It could be from penalties or it could be from turnovers or it could be from how we finished the games in fourth quarters. It’s not one specific play or moment in a game. It’s the total game. It’s how we play,” Bush said, via the Detroit Free Press. “It’s not a coaches’ thing. It’s a players’ thing. We can do a better job all across the board.”

Bush said he thought Schwartz was a disciplinarian, but admitted he was different from Sean Payton.

“Well, hell, yeah, because you don’t want to get your name announced for getting fined,” Bush said. “I’m not going to say that’s the reason we won the Super Bowl or the reason why we were successful. But it was just the environment that he kind of created for the team, and I’m sure he still does it.”

One thought on “Reggie Bush: Lions Are Undisciplined, But It Isn’t Jim Schwartz’s Fault

  • Sorry, I disagree, Schwartz is responsible. In business, crap starts at the top and rolls downhill. Lion fans have witnessed piss poor performance by the quarterback, receivers and secondary. There is no consequence for these players like benching and thinking about getting with the program. It is no longer acceptable to only make good plays once in awhile. Lion fans have spent millions of dollars every year only to be continually disappointed again and again. Time to rebuild the coaching staff.

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