Report: Mack Brown Wants $1.3M a Year Until 2020 To Step Down As Coach



When Mack Brown stepped down from the Texas, it was widely speculated that he would step into a “special advisor” role. The job was rumored to pay Mack Brown $500K per year until 2020 which isn’t bad but not exactly what Brown is used to. Now according to the Austin Statesmen, Brown is seeking up to $1.3 million per year.

Also according to the report a high-ranking Texas source reportedly told The Statesman that an amount that high would not be not be approved by the university.

It seems like nothing in this Mack Brown situation  has been easy or gone smoothly. In the end, Mack will have to settle somewhere between $500k and $1.3 million to have a cushy job with Texas.

Or he could always turn his back on them and coach somewhere else.


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