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Why Andre Johnson & Dez Bryant Walk Offs Aren’t Being Treated Equally

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, December 19th, 2013
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Dez Bryant Caught With 2 Girlfriends

Two WRs both leave the field before the game is over, but one has been repeatedly slammed, while the other was given a pass. Why is that?

Let’s go to the videos first.

You know the expression “Life isn’t fair”? Well, neither is media. In an ideal world, two equal actions (I would even say Andre Johnson’s was worse, because he yelled at Schaub and then left the field) would be reported consistently, regardless of your personal opinion of the player.  The fact you like Johnson doesn’t change the fact he walked off the field.  The fact that it is out of character (I even question that because he is someone he beat up a man on the field, so you could say he has anger issues) doesn’t make it any less wrong or right.  Your job is not to make excuses, but to be consistent in your reporting.

If you didn’t have a problem with Johnson walking off, you wouldn’t have a problem with Dez walking off and vice versa, but that isn’t happening with the majority of media. I don’t expect fans to be fair and unbiased, but I do expect media members to be.

But since you know this isn’t an ideal world, life isn’t fair and the media are terribly biased in this new Skiptized world, I have some advice for Dez Bryant.

He needs to realize what “World” he is living in. He is in a world that has a 24/7 “Dez Cam”, a world that anything a Dallas Cowboys player does is magnified 10x, a world where he won’t get the benefit of the doubt and a world where people are hoping he blows up.  This is a world that Andre Johnson doesn’t live in, so it is easy for him to have a slip up and have people move on from it.  It is the same reasons Adrian Peterson gets passes that say a Chris Johnson wouldn’t.

Dez’s blow ups are good for business, ratings, views and etc. I am not hypocrite, when Dez does something newsworthy in a negative way, the numbers spike, including mine. Andre Johnson not so much, so it is downplayed or completely ignored by mainstream media.

It is the same problem that Terrell Owens had for many years and like Owens a lot of Dez’s perception problems are his own doing, but what he needs to do now is minimize the potential damage going forward. I know he is emotional and I never got the feeling he is purposefully trying to damage his reputation or the team, but he has to understand he is living under a different set of rules.

There will always be individuals who call it straight and treat all athletes the same regardless of their reputation, but that is just the minority, the majority will pile on, so they can have a good first take.

The sooner Dez understands this, the sooner he will be able to keep himself out of the line of fire.

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  1. Sports007 says:

    Although their actions were the same, the players are completely different, on and off the field. Which makes this comparison irrelevant. To have a fair comparison, you would need to have 2 players with the same characteristics. A. Johnson is widely respected in the league, he’s one of the greatest WR’s in the game (I hate that he has to go through what he’s has gone through and is going through with the Texans)…he’s not a player you’re going to read about in the media for negative reasons. And the player he beat up on the field deserved to get beat up. I’m sure there are other WR’s who would love to get at Finnegan (not sure if I spelled his name correctly). Dez Bryant on the other hand, is a walking negative story waiting to happen, on and off the field. Lately its been on the field. Bryant is nowhere near the person Johnson is (football related). You have to compare apples to apples…Johnson and Bryant are not apples to apples. I’m sure a rebuttle is going to be ‘the actions are the topic’ but even with that being said…Johnson was tired of losing and Bryant wants to be the ONE who wins the game…again COMPLETELY different.

    • Unanimous says:

      You are a complete moron. No need to argue with an ignorant person. Learn a little about a player before you call them a walking nightmare. Also your little quote “apples to apples” is also a joke.

  2. Lbone says:

    He had anger issues b/c he got into a fight on the field while playing the game? Please. They aren’t even remotely the same type of player. How many times is this for Dez where he’s done something negative? 25, 30? You have two examples with Andre Johnson. You love to point out the “Skiptized” media/world….You are that.

  3. curb says:

    If u r eating off Ur writing of this article, Ur probably starving to death,cause there is no comparison,this is not only a difference of apples n oranges,more like grapes n coconut.

  4. Try again says:

    Please Dez has had only one major incident outside of football. Johnson’s is a lot worst because he gave up on his quarterback after yelling at him. People who don’t respect dez’s ability haven’t watch him play

    • curb says:

      Dez has a long way to go before he can even carry Dreys cleats, u can’t compare them.

    • BennyBean says:

      Get the full story before you write off AJ like that chief. Schaub started yelling at him when he didn’t catch the ball thrown into triple coverage, AJ fired back. The dude’s a class act, who wouldn’t stand by and be berated by a QB that’s trying to pass the buck. And as for Bryant, my lack of respect has nothing to do with his ability. I don’t care how good you are, there’s no place in the spotlight for scum like him. This is the guy that was arrested last year for getting in a physical altercation… WITH HIS MOM. Real role model you’ve got there, a dude that hits his mother…

      • JL says:

        Don’t try to compare your relationship with your mother to dez’s relationship with his mother. He has every right not to respect his mother for what she did to him and then she jumps back on the bandwagon when her son starts making some real money. She has never been a role model to him, she’s been in and out of jail and never supported him like a mother should. She got put in jail for selling crack when he was eight and he had to jump around from home to home 7-8 times till he went to college.

    • Youra Dipshit says:

      And I suppose Jerry Jones is the best GM in the league too?

  5. Jersey says:

    You bunch of fuckin hypocrites, fake ass Saints! None of you guys on this site did anything you are ashamed of? The reason I dont know about it is because you guys arent important enough to write about unless you shoot up a school. Leave dez alone! What makes him a scumbag? Mistakes? He is the first to go off on his Mom? Do you even know their relationship? Fuckin judgemental hypocrites!!!

  6. Try again says:

    The cowboys of the 90s were all druggies and womanizers and reached for the spotlight but still winning championships. Being a role model is overrated and a weak statement. AJ still quit on his QB which is much worst and is a bigger TO act more than anything. How much winning has Johnson done in his nfl career let alone the texans who couldn’t even come up with their own name and making Houston second to Dallas like always but you can have our sloppy seconds. Enjoy your 2 win season, your last place Astros finish, your cry baby d12

  7. SJ says:

    “If you didn’t have a problem with Johnson walking off, you wouldn’t have a problem with Dez…” You reveal your own bias in how you address each player. So much for journalistic standards.

  8. Scott says:

    They should have fined him heavily for that no-class


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